Monday, November 7, 2011

Homework for Monday, November 7th thru Wednesday, November 16th

Homework for Monday, November 7th thru Wednesday, November 16th: Stone Age Project

The project is due Wednesday, November 16th and should include:
  1) Diorama
  2) Essay describing the diorama
  3) Rubric which is signed by parent and the self-assessment portion has been filled out by student.

The students should spend their Social Studies homework time working on the diorama for the Stone Age Project. Examples are shown below:

Old Stone Age:

New Stone Age:

Question for research/essay writing:

1.)   Where did they live?
2.)   What did they eat? How did they get     their food?
3.)   What did they look like?
4.)   Did they practice a form of religion? What did they do with their dead?
5.)   What tools did they use? What materials were the tools made of?
6.)   How did they adapt to their environment?  Clothing- shelter
7.)   Was fire useful to them?  How?
8.)   How did they migrate?
9.)   What did they do for entertainment?

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