Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Heirloom Project due on Friday, October 12th

Heirloom Project due on Friday, October 12th:

Family Heirloom Project
Task: You are an archeologist cataloguing data on a family heirloom.

 Rubric:                            Possible         Earned

 Illustration or picture of Item
Neat and colorful                    10              _____

Explains why artifact
is important to your family     5                _____

How does the artifact
make you feel?                        5                _____       

Data about artifact is
accurate. (Proper names
included; correct units
of measure, etc.)                      10              _____

 Adjective List
Adjectives to describe
Artifact – 5-8 words               5                _____

 Primary Source
List person or persons
Consulted about
Background information        5                _____       

Total:                                      40              _____       

Here is an Example:

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