Thursday, September 19, 2013

Homework for Thursday, September 19th

Homework for Thursday, September 19th: Study for Test:

Mapping Test Study Guide

1)    Define Globe: A model of Earth as seen from space.

2)    List the seven Continents.

3)    List the four oceans.

4)    What does hemisphere mean?

5)    What does the equator divide the Earth into?

6)    What does the prime meridian divide the Earth into?

The next three questions use the 1st page in the packet to study (Circle 1):

7)    What hemisphere is shown on the globe?
8)    Label the five continents shown.

9)    Label the four oceans.

10)                  What are the two names for the lines running North and South on a map?
Longitude and Meridians.
11)                  What are the two names for lines running East or West on a map?
Latitude and Parallel
12)                  This question is a skill question finding latitude and longitude coordinates.

13)                  Create a compass rose.

14)                  What are the cardinal directions?
N, E, W, S
15)                  What are the intermediate directions?
Questions 16 – 19 are skill questions finding directions on a map.

20) What does scale do for you on a map?
       Helps you convert map distance to real distance.
Questions 21 and 22 are skill questions using scale.

Bonus: What city does the Prime Meridian run through?

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