Thursday, October 23, 2014

Otzi the Iceman Webquest

Use the links to answer the questions about Otzi so you can learn more about him:

Link 1
1. Where was Otzi discovered?

Link 2
2. Name one of the problems faced in trying to recover Otzi.

Link 3
3. Why did Otzi remain intact?

Link 4
4. When did the iceman live?

Link 5
5. Explain Carbon-Dating.

Link 6
6. What is so special about Otzi?

Link 7
7. How many tattoos does Otzi have?

Link 8
8. How did the iceman die?

Link 9
9. Why was Otzi's axe important?

Link 10
10. Share some info about Otzi's arrows.

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