Monday, October 19, 2015

Heirloom Project

To All,

The students will be working on their Heirloom Project this week. Students will be doing the research for this project as homework: - choose a family heirloom or artifact - ask relatives about the object, its purpose/function, how it came to be in the family, why it was passed on through the generations, its significance.

The students have the Family Heirloom Cataloguing Data worksheet. Use this as a guide to the type of information they should research and gather for the item they have chosen to study.

Some guiding questions: What is it? - Define it’s shape, size and color. - Condition (rusty, broken, bent, decayed)? - Of what is it made? - When was it made? - Where was it made? - How was it made? - Who used it? - For what was it used? - What special attributes does it have? - Is there an oral or written history? - Other facts you know about this object. - Sources of information.

An example of cataloguing data:
Once the students have completed the data sheet they will give a short presentation about his or her heirloom.

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