Friday, October 16, 2015

Studying the Past.....

To All,
Here are the main points and vocabulary of last week's learning:

Historians use many kinds of clues to understand how people lived in the past.
Historians are people who study the past to understand people’s culture.
Culture is the knowledge, beliefs, customs, and values of a group of people.
Archaeology is the study of the past based on what people left behind.
Archaeologists, or people who study archaeology, explore places where people once lived, worked, or fought.The things that people leave in these places can range from stone tools to computers.
Objects can be examined to learn about the past and are clues to how people once live

Fossils and artifacts give information about early humans.
A fossil is a part or an imprint of something that was once alive.
Artifacts are objects created and used by humans.
A primary source is an account of an event that is created by someone who took part in or witnessed the event.
A secondary source is information gathered by someone who did not take part in or witness an event.



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